End of Support Events and Aging Infrastructure Provide Opportunities to Modernize and Limit Application Sprawl

With AppZero application migration tools, you can upgrade the OS and move to a new server or a cloud in one step


1)  Enterprise IT tasked with moving existing server applications to newer, supported platforms.

2)  Systems Integrators (SI) supporting enterprise engagements.


Running applications on old, out-dated operating systems increases security and compliance risks for enterprise IT departments.  No one wants to risk their jobs on unsupported machines and aging applications.

Traditional methods of application migration -- reinstalling, upgrading the machine or rebuilding -- are orders of magnitude more complex, expensive and time consuming than migrating applications onto a new operating system. And, old-fashioned methods of migrating machines add no value when it comes to modernizing the infrastructure, leaving your security and compliance risks unchanged.


With AppZero's "up level" app migration you can quickly and easily move your applications from old, bare metal machines running outdated versions of the Windows OS to servers in the datacenter or cloud- running newer operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 (R2) or Windows 2012. AppZero moves the applications in much less time than it would take to install them and lets you move that application onto a new operating system.

Simple, fast, no code changes and you can leave the old systems behind. AppZero migration can even move old 32-bit apps to 64-bit OS such as WS2012. If you’re moving to WS2012, you can get there in one step – no need to first upgrade to WS2008.

AppZero identifies, extracts, and moves enterprise Windows server applications without adding software on the source or production server, and with no changes to the application. Because AppZero moves just the applications, it is cloud independent, hypervisor agnostic, and perfectly suited for modernization of the OS and supporting infrastructure.


  • Move applications off unsupported version of Windows to mitigate CSA costs and security vulnerabilities associated with older operating systems.


  • One-time migration and dissolve of an application(s) from source to destination.


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