Professional Services

AppZero can provide Professional Services for your Windows Application Monitoring, Migration, and Maintenance software subscription to ensure success at each stage of your migration project.

Stage 1: Monitor

With your AZ-Monitor subscription, AppZero can help your organization create a smart application migration plan. AppZero can:

  • detect which applications are running on which Windows server,
  • determine which applications are used and how frequently,
  • prioritize migration tasks for immediate results, and
  • build a migration plan.

Stage 2: Migrate

Once you’ve run AZ-Monitor, have a migration plan in hand, and are ready to migrate applications, AppZero can provide migration expertise and assistance as required. For example, AppZero can:

  • analyze AZ-Monitor Reports if you subscribe to and run AZ-Monitor before using AZ-Migrate;
  • create a migration plan that includes capacity planning and availability, and prioritizes which applications to move first;
  • perform full service migrations;
  • provide migration coaching for in-house or third-party Windows modernization teams.

Stage 3: Maintain

Post migration, AppZero can create and execute an application maintenance strategy tailored to your requirements and environment. For example, AppZero can:

  • define and implement an application isolation strategy;
  • define and implement an application portability strategy;
  • define and implement an application gold image and application distribution strategy;
  • define and implement an application container strategy for test, development, and production;
  • define and implement an application recovery strategy from backup images of application containers;
  • develop a methodology to update applications that are maintained in containers.

AppZero professional services offerings

AppZero professional services are available in two categories:

  • Standard Professional Services – for assistance within normal working hours, from 8 am to 5 pm (US EST).
  • Premium Professional Services – for assistance outside normal working hours, which may be required for example to accommodate maintenance or migration windows scheduled for off hours.

AppZero Professional Services are delivered in a variety of ways as required, according to the category you subscribe to:

  • via phone and email;
  • via the AppZero Support Portal, and
  • in person.

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