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The Windows operating system modernization challenge is an ongoing issue, year after year. Instead of putting your skilled resources on endless manual and repetitive migration tasks, you can subscribe to a set of intelligent software tools that will drive momentum and optimize resources and budget in your Windows Server modernization efforts.



Automatically assess and monitor the applications running on your current Windows servers.
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Automatically move applications to newer Windows Server operating systems.
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Post-migration, automatically distribute, isolate, or recover selected Windows Server applications.
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How do I subscribe to AppZero?

How you subscribe to AppZero is up to your organization’s needs. An AppZero subscription is priced per server on a yearly basis, to help your organization do any or all of the following:

  • Assess and monitor current servers
  • Migrate applications
  • Maintain applications post-migration

It’s often best to start your modernization project with an automated assessment and monitoring of your servers; this provides critical usage information so you can prioritize work and build a plan. Reporting will show you which servers are rarely used and should be decommissioned, and will shed light on which applications should be manually re-installed and which are ideal targets for automated AppZero migration.

Post-migration, your organization may decide to maintain selected applications in their migration container, for example for distribution, isolation, or recovery purposes.

Your organization can also sign up for AppZero professional services. We’ll help you implement monitoring across your servers, train internal resources or service vendors, and provide technical migration assistance to ensure success.

How you use and allocate services is up to you.

Subscription examples:

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