AppZero containerizes and automates migration of Windows applications

What: Move existing Windows server applications with state, configuration, and data in a container. 

Why: Automate moving complex applications to a cloud,  saving time, labor, and costs.

How: AppZero resides on the target server, and requires no AppZero software on the source production server. The target server can be located at any destination, including in a cloud to which an application is being migrated. The app migration software runs the application-to-be-moved into an empty migration container. As AppZero runs the application it remotely “pages” its components on-demand, encapsulating them for later copy-and-run deployment. This automation eliminates the bulk of manual labor typically involved in on-boarding. An optional dissolve function eliminates packaging upon deployment. 

Results:  Quickly move Windows production applications to a cloud, leaving them free to move in hybrid deployments – or use AppZero’s dissolve function to remove the appzero element allowing the application to natively install.

Differentiators:  Compared to machine images, an AppZero application-only image is faster to move and is available for Windows. AppZero is hypervisor agnostic, and automates Windows server application migrations.

  • No change to the application
  • OS up level migration -- move enterprise apps from Win2003 to Win2008 or Win2012
  • Move production applications with or without data
  • Windows: See supported versions here
  • Cloud-independent and hypervisor-agnostic
  • IIS & .NET application migrations
  • Dissolve AppZero container at destination
  • Automated migration of users and groups

Who benefits from using AppZero 

  • IT departments that have a need to migrate Windows applications to a datacenter or a cloud
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP) who can bring Windows applications into their certified offerings
  • System Integrators (SIs) with cloud migration practices slash time, labor, and costs of moving customer applications


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"AppZero enables seamless migration of applications from one cloud environment to
another, virtually eliminating the IT project costs typical of application migration."


--Louis Lovas, Director of Solutions, OneMarketData