Overview of AppZero Windows Server Migration Tools

AppZero’s products and services provide a fast, flexible way to move server applications to a cloud or datacenter, without code change. Encapsulating Windows applications in VM/OS-free containers, AppZero’s patented software moves most Windows server applications with ease.  AppZero allows you to move applications from an old OS to a newer one, and to modernize and move to a cloud efficiently.

Patented AppZero migration automates the extraction and movement of applications to servers or clouds in a fraction of the time required by other approaches – and with no change to the application. The AppZero dissolve function is available to remove the AppZero container and allow an application to behave as if natively installed.

AppZero Characteristics

  • moves an application image, not a machine image
  • suited for movement between physical and virtual machines
  • requires no change to application or alteration to move between a datacenter or cloud
  • supported on these Windows Server versions

AppZero Differentiators

  • AppZero automates movement of enterprise Windows server applications to a cloud or datacenter without any change to the application.  (patented)
  • AppZero encapsulates an application with configuration and state in a container, without a virtual machine (VM).
  • AppZero is hypervisor agnostic.
  • Applications encapsulated by AppZero will have an image size that is 10-100 times smaller than the same application packaged with a machine image. 
  • Applications are not installed, but are run with a ‘copy and run’ click.

"Cloud economics have run into the hard wall of moving production applications.
Until now, the costs and level of effort required to suit those applications for the cloud
have off-set projected savings. Automating that effort alters the equation of
using the public Cloud as an extension of the data center."

--Aberdeen senior analyst Dick Csaplar

AppZero Primary Use Cases

  • "Up-level" applications off an Operating System reaching end of support, such as Windows Server 2003 and Citrix XenApp or Terminal Services
  • Use for movement between servers in private, hybrid, or federated clouds
  • Cloud on-boarding of enterprise Windows server applications
  • Bringing enterprise app store (EAS) convience to server application deployment