The AZ-Monitor subscription provides software tools to automatically assess and monitor the Windows Server applications running on your current Windows servers.

It’s often best to start your modernization project with an automated assessment and monitoring of applications on your servers; this provides critical usage information so you can understand your migration options. With AZ-Monitor tools, you can:

  • detect which applications are running on which Windows server,
  • determine which applications are used and how frequently,
  • prioritize migration tasks, and
  • build a migration plan.

AZ-Monitor Reporting will show you which server applications are rarely used and should be decommissioned, and will help determine which applications should be manually re-installed and which are ideal targets for automated AppZero migration. Additionally, AZ-Monitor provides an automated way to ensure that all application dependencies are captured in a subsequent migration, which means that less end user acceptance testing is required post migration.

AZ-Monitor unlocks the data you need to size application migrations and capacity as applications move to new in-house servers or to hybrid or public cloud environments.

Your subscription to AZ-Monitor is flexible and tailored to your organization’s requirements over time. You can start, for example, by only monitoring your Windows Server 2003 servers for migration planning purposes. Over time, you can build up to monitoring all the Windows servers in your environment, which will provide information for future migration efforts for Windows Server 2008- and 2012-based applications.

Windows modernization and migration isn’t a one-off project for Windows Server 2000 and Windows 2003 servers – it’s an ongoing internal process. AZ-Monitor can help your organization develop a repeatable migration methodology for future modernization efforts.

AZ-Monitor & Professional Services

Your organization can sign up for AppZero professional services. We’ll help you roll out monitoring across your servers safely and securely, analyze and understand generated AZ-Monitor Reports after the tool has run for a period of time, and help you create a migration plan if required, based on your requirements.

Call us to understand how application monitoring can help you prioritize which applications to move first, plan capacity, and build momentum in your Windows modernization projects. Schedule a call

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