The AZ-Migrate subscription provides a software tool to automatically move Windows-based applications from older operating systems to newer operating systems, to new in-house servers or to hybrid or public cloud environments.

AZ-Migrate lets you automatically move server applications to a similar operating system or to a newer platform; for example, from Windows Server 2000 or 2003 to Windows Server 2008 or 2012. If you’re moving to Windows Server 2012, you can get there in one step – no need to first upgrade to Windows Server 2008. Modernizing lets you leverage features and functionality of a newer operating system, avoid costly custom and extended support fees for Windows Server 2003, consolidate a datacenter for a smaller footprint, and side step security risks and noncompliance associated with running on an unsupported platform.

Migrating server applications automatically frees up skilled resources that are best used for strategic work and takes a fraction of the time required by other methods. Re-installing applications and upgrading or rebuilding machines are not viable options. Fewer resources and less time spent on migrations mean more momentum and optimized budgets for your modernization projects.

It’s often best to start your modernization project with an automated assessment and monitoring of applications on your servers, using AZ-Monitor. This step lets you build a tailored migration plan for your AZ-Migration subscription. Once you’ve unlocked the data needed to size application migrations and capacity and are ready to migrate, AZ-Migrate can move applications in hours, and in some cases even upgrade a software version during migration (for example, to a newer version of Microsoft IIS or SQL Server).

AZ-Migrate places applications in temporary migration containers, which you can choose to discard post migration or keep and manage using an AZ-Maintain subscription according to your requirements.

Your subscription to AZ-Migrate is flexible and tailored to your organization’s requirements over time. You can start, for example, by migrating only a small number of servers in your environment. Over time, you can build up to migrating a greater percentage of servers as you develop your internal migration center of excellence and scale for Windows Server 2008- and 2012-based applications.

AZ-Migrate & Professional Services

Your organization can sign up for AppZero professional services. We’ll help you:

  • analyze and understand AZ-Monitor Reports if you subscribe to and run AZ-Monitor before using AZ-Migrate;
  • create a migration plan that includes capacity planning and availability, and prioritizes which applications to move first;
  • perform full service migrations;
  • provide migration coaching for in-house or third-party Windows modernization teams;
  • create and execute an application maintenance plan post migration.

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