The AZ-Maintain subscription provides a software tool to automatically manage AppZero migration containers post application migration.

After you’ve run AZ-Migrate, you may decide to remove the temporary migration container from the application you moved to a new destination server. If you do so, the migrated application will behave as if it had always been installed on the new server. Keep in mind that you can’t undo container removal once it’s done – it’s a one-time action.

Your organization may decide, based on the planning exercise you performed using AZ-Monitor, that specific applications should be kept in their migration container for a period of time for a specific purpose or even indefinitely. Keeping a migrated application in a migration container post migration provides you with the ability to do any or all of the following as required:

  • Keep applications small and portable in a compressed and encrypted container for distribution to other servers in other locations, for example from a datacenter to another datacenter in any location, or to the cloud and then back again to a datacenter, or even from one cloud vendor to another vendor.
  • Repurpose containers for distribution across different environments – for example, from development to user acceptance testing and then into production. That way, application configuration doesn’t drift across environments.
  • Turn containers on and off as required, if using an application on demand only is a business requirement. For example, turn containers on for testing and then off again to suit your software development life cycle or for warranty – where applications have to be kept for a period of time to satisfy compliance but don’t need to be on and consuming memory and compute resources.
  • Isolate specific applications from other applications and abstract these applications from destination operating system drives. This can be useful in Citrix migrations, where source operating system drives may not match destination operating system drives. This means you’ll spend less time on system re-architecture efforts.
  • Keep a gold image of a migrated application for backup and disaster recovery purposes. 

Compressing and removing migration containers are automatic tasks with AZ-Maintain, performed with one mouse click each.

Your subscription to AZ-Maintain is flexible and tailored to your organization’s requirements over time. You can maintain more or fewer migrated applications as you develop your internal migration center of excellence. AZ-Maintain is licensed on a subscription basis determined by the number of application containers you decide to maintain beyond migration.

AZ-Maintain & Professional Services

Your organization can sign up for AppZero professional services. We’ll help you:

  • define and implement an application isolation strategy;
  • define and implement an application portability strategy;
  • define and implement an application gold image and application distribution strategy;
  • define and implement an application container strategy for test, development, and production;
  • define and implement an application recovery strategy from backup images of application containters;
  • develop a methodology to update applications that are maintained in containers.

Call us to understand how AZ-Maintain can help you automatically maintain and manage applications post migration. Schedule a call.

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