What is AppZero?
What applications does AppZero support?
Are there applications that AppZero cannot migrate?
Can I migrate an application from an older Windows OS to a newer one?
How are 32‑bit applications handled when migrating to a 64‑bit operating system such as Windows Server 2012?
How does AppZero handle specific identity-related characteristics during a migration?
Is AppZero installed on the source machine?
How does AppZero compare to virtualization products?
How does AppZero differ from P2V or V2V (physical to virtual or virtual to virtual machine) migrations?
What is the difference between a container and a Virtual Machine (VM)?
What are AppZero's firewall/port requirements?
Can AppZero be used in a Citrix/Terminal Server environment?
How does AppZero know where to put application components from an older operating system?
Are functions available on the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
Can I migrate two applications that are located on the same source server to two different destination servers?
Do file system changes made by an application when it is running in the AppZero container remain in the container or are they present on the server OS?
Which hypervisors and cloud service provider APIs does AppZero support?
How does AppZero address scaling applications in cloud environments?
How does AppZero address scaling applications in cloud environments?
When migrating IIS workloads, does AppZero copy IIS binaries (for example version 6 to 8)?
How long does it take to migrate an application using AppZero?
When is an application considered to be migrated?
Is there performance overhead associated with running an application in a container?
What is Dissolve?

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