AppZero takes Windows application migration up to 11 (or, more precisely, Win12)

 · 451 Research

By Rachel Chalmers, 451 Research

AppZero sees itself as the fastest and easiest way to move server applications from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. The thing is, the same technology can be used to move applications from old operating systems to new ones. In its latest release, v5.2, AppZero features what it calls 'up-level OS application migration,' letting organizations move their apps from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, or even Windows 2012. AppZero extracts apps from their production environments and packages them for movement to any other environment, without requiring any changes to the app.

The 451 Take

Microsoft's end of life for Windows Server 2003 is approaching. Migrating custom applications from it to newer replacements is never what you would call fun, and the longer companies postpone the chore, the more onerous it becomes. What AppZero can do is extract an application from its operating system and wrap it in a neat package. That package can then be run on later versions of the same operating systems – or in another datacenter, or on a hosted cloud. It's an ingenious use of a technology that's been around awhile.

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