Enterprise Application Migration to Cloud with no change and without lock-in


1) Managed Service providers (MSP) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) who need to quickly on-board customer applications,

2) Systems Integrators (SI) charged with increasing profitability of cloud migration practices,

3) Enterprise IT called to extend the range of server application deployment to both public and private clouds.


Existing enterprise applications greatly outnumber cloud-born applications and are predominately Windows (70%).  Doing application migration to the cloud from the enterprise tends to be labor-intensive, expensive, and error-prone. AppZero migration changes the economics of on-boarding server applications, making SI migration engagements more profitable, speeding time to MMR for cloud providers and MSPs, and equipping enterprise applications for seamless participation in hybrid execution. 


  • Identifies, extracts, and moves enterprise Windows server applications to the cloud with no AppZero software on the source server and no change to the source application.  
  • Moves applications without a VM -  cloud independent, hypervisor agnostic, and perfectly suited for migrating Windows server applications to high value certified/hardened MSP offerings as well as repeated movement in hybrid cloud environments.


One-time migration and dissolve of an application(s) from source to destination.


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