AppZero Cloud containerizes and automates migration of Windows applications to any cloud

Cloud economics beckon. But the majority of enterprise production applications -- and IT budget -- remain land-locked in data centers because:

  • 3/4s of enterprise applications are Windows, which by nature are complex and difficult to migrate
  • Migrating applications is a labor-intensive and error-prone activity

AppZero/s container approach alters the economics of moving Windows server applications to clouds.

"AppZero enables seamless migration of applications from one cloud environment to
another, virtually eliminating the IT project costs typical of application migration."


--Louis Lovas, Director of Solutions, OneMarketData

AppZero's cloud migration unlocks production apps

AppZero automates the extraction and movement of Windows production server applications from a source machine – physical or virtual – to any destination server in any cloud or datacenter.

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What: Move existing Windows server applications with state, configuration, and data in a container. There is no re-engineering of the application, and no AppZero software is needed on the source server.

Why: Automate moving complex applications to any cloud -- slash time, labor, errors, and costs.

How: AppZero resides on the target server, and requires no AppZero software on the source production server. The target server can be located at any destination, including in the cloud to which an application is being migrated. The app migration software runs the application-to-be-moved into an empty migration container. As AppZero runs the application it remotely “pages” its components on-demand, encapsulating them for later copy-and-run deployment. This automation eliminates the bulk of manual labor typically involved in on-boarding. An optional dissolve function eliminates packaging upon deployment. 

Results:  Quickly move Windows production applications to any cloud, leaving them free to move in hybrid deployments – or use AppZero’s dissolve function to remove the appzero element allowing the application to natively install.

Differentiators:  Compared to machine images, an AppZero application-only image is 100s of times faster to move and is available for Windows. AppZero is cloud-independent and hypervisor agnostic, and is the only technology that automates Windows server application cloud migrations.

  • The fastest way to move an application from any machine to any cloud
  • No change to the application
  • OS up level migration -- move enterprise apps from Win2003 to Win2008 or Win2012
  • Move production applications with or without data
  • Windows: See supported versions here
  • Cloud-independent and hypervisor-agnostic
  • IIS & .NET application migrations
  • No lock-in
  • Move application from datacenter to cloud, cloud to datacenter, or cloud to cloud
  • Microsoft System Center add-on automates assessment and migration workflows 
  • Dissolve AppZero container at destination
  • Automated migration of users and groups

Who benefits from using AppZero Cloud

  • System Integrators (SIs) with cloud migration practices slash time, labor, and costs of moving customer applications
  • Cloud providers have a way to quickly and economically move customer Windows applications to their clouds
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP) can bring Windows server applications into their certified offerings.
  • Enterprise IT has a quick and cost effective way to move Windows production applications


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