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Hundreds of AppZero customers have moved thousands of bespoke and off the shelf applications to newer platforms. Every day, we help customers build internal centers of excellence for migration to plan for – and more importantly – achieve momentum and real results in the ongoing Windows application modernization challenge for Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2012 applications.

AppZero customers come from a range of industries, including corporate leaders in Banking, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Retail.

Each customer’s Windows migration and modernization challenge is unique. AppZero provides a tailored mix of our Windows Application Monitoring, Migration, and Maintenance software subscription, combined with custom services, to help customers achieve their project goals on time and on budget. However, Windows modernization is not a one-off project – it’s an ongoing internal process.

Pabst Brewing Company

“For Pabst Brewing Company moving its datacenter from in-house to the cloud made business and cultural sense. Making it happen in 6 weeks took solid cloud experience, first-rate resources, technology, trust, and teamwork. These great big, mysterious, undocumented, mission critical, legacy applications were a problem. They defied standard virtualization approaches. There were a number of highly customized, almost completely undocumented applications that were going to be a problem unless there was a new approach. There was little to no institutional knowledge or subject matter experts on these apps. Pabst wouldn’t be able to just move the servers to Rackspace. P-V was not an option; neither was spending weeks dissecting highly customized applications.”

AppZero provided “a huge time savings” on the PBC migration, estimating the savings at 3-4 weeks, or more than 50% of the time the project would have taken without AppZero. Beyond the time savings, AppZero made the migration much more effective and accurate than a forensic manual rebuild approach would have been.

– Pabst Brewing Company


One of the world's top five-largest pharmaceutical companies is a multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company with approximately 100,000 employees globally. Saving money on information technology is key for any pharma company due to the enormous costs associated with developing and launching new products and declining returns on investments industry-wide.

When the project is complete, more than 1,000 enterprise applications will be running on new servers. IT professionals estimate AppZero will save the company more than $3 million in labor costs and cut an estimated six years from the duration of the project.

– GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical


"Cochlear’s migration goal was to move its global applications from Windows Server 2003 onto newer versions which could support the continued growth of the company. The urgency for the migration was driven by the upcoming end of support deadline on July 14 2015. As a direct result of being on the front foot, the company will be migrated onto the new platform Windows Server 2012 R2 before the deadline avoiding any compliance and security risks associated with running critical business apps on an unsupported server infrastructure. AppZero has been a key factor for the migration – assisting Cochlear’s team with migrations for unfamiliar apps.”

– Cochlear’s IT team


"Compliance requirements within the Financial Industry and escalating support costs due to Physical and Virtual server sprawl forced this major Canadian Financial Institution to re-evaluate their current migration practices. All told their current antiquated technologies, 5400 Windows 2003, including 1440 IIS 6.0 instances, 837 SQL 2005 instances, were holding up innovation. They conducted a two-week Proof of Concept and determined that AppZero would be a key way forward to solve their problem.

For the next phase this major Canadian Financial purchased 200 licenses and targeted 'repeatable' Use Cases, including, Commercial of the Shelf (COTS), IIS, SQL, and Custom-Developed software, to leverage Runbooks and gain labour efficiencies. AppZero application migrations proved highly efficient with a 96% success rate. Up to 100X reduction in effort migrating challenging legacy applications with multiple dependencies. "As Is" COTS and Custom Developed saw a reduction of effort of approximately 60hrs per server resulting in $6,000 in savings per server migrations for an overall savings of $210,000 across 36 servers.

IIS Servers had a reduction of 4 hours per server resulting in $400 in savings per server migrations. Across 1440 servers this resulted in a savings of $600K. DB Servers saw a reduction of 20 effort hours per server for $2000 in savings per server. Across 837 servers savings of $1.7M were achieved.

– A major Canadian financial institution


“We were about to spend $400,000 on a custom re-write of a mission-critical application so it could run on Windows Server 2012. Using AppZero software and services, we were able to migrate the 2003 version of the application to run seamlessly on Windows Server 2012 in one morning.”

– A major North American insurance company


"Regulatory compliance is critically important in the Pharmaceutical industry. Certifying new versions of applications can be time consuming and expensive. Using AppZero, we were able to migrate pre-certified versions of applications to new supported Windows Server 2012 servers and save weeks of effort and up to $100,000 in custom migration and re-certification effort per server".

– A major North American pharmaceutical manufacturer


"We were running a legacy, business-critical, operational application for years on an unsupported Windows Server 2000 server. Cost estimates were over 140,000 Sterling for a migration. With AppZero, we successfully moved the application to a supported Windows Server 2012 server in less than 1 week and saved over 95% of the cost of alternative approaches."

– A major UK financial institution

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