Distribute fully-configured Windows applications with AppZero for instant provisioning and implementation


ISVs, SIs, VARs, and enterprise IT can distribute fully configured enterprise server applications and app stacks, to a variety of cloud and datacenter infrastructure environments, without change.


AppZero uses application images, rather than server or machine images. AppZero encapsulates an application and its dependencies in a container that we call a “virtual application appliance” (VAA).  Because these containers do not include a virtual machine (VM), an application in an AppZero container can freely deploy on a range of VMs and servers, across diverse environments including CPU core count, storage architecture and memory configuration, OS configurations, file versions, server size, hypervisor or cloud platform. An application in an AppZero VAA is hundreds of times smaller than that same application packaged with a VM, so it will travel much faster and require less storage when it arrives.


  • Once applications are containerized, containers can be repurposed for distribution across environments (Dev – UAT – PROD).
  • Containers can be turned on when required for SDLC (Test / QA) and turned off when not required to save on compute cycles.  
  • Containers can be compressed and kept for application recovery purposes.


  • Applications are expertly installed and configured once for repeated distribution.
  • Pre-installed, pre-configured software distribution is fast and error-free.
  • Reusable demos and proof of concepts) and pre-configured implementations.
  • Mitigates application configuration drift between environments. 
  • Use the application in the container only when needed (application virtualization / on-demand)
  • Allows for quick recovery of point-in-time backup of applications, configuration and data.


  • One time extraction and leave the application running in the container for as long as required. This can apply to leave in container or dissolve.

If you would like to discuss how AppZero can help your organization, please feel free to contact us at: info@appzero.com.