AppZero moves enterprise apps to the cloud.  

Automating on-boarding and deployment of server applications to private, public, and hybrid clouds, AppZero brings one-click appstore simplicity to Windows server applications.  AppZero is the fastest and most flexible way to move workloads across clouds and datacenter servers, without re-engineering, re-installation, or lock-in. 

Taking an application-centric, container approach to moving Windows Server applications, AppZero uses application images rather than server or machine images. AppZero encapsulates an application and its dependencies in a container (VAA), without a virtual machine (VM). The result is application flexibility that is hypervisor-agnostic, cloud independent, and fast.

For on-boarding server applications to any cloud or machine, AppZero is the market’s only cloud-independent, application on-boarding migrator. AppZero's application migrator automates extraction and movement of server-side applications in a fraction of the time required by other approaches –with no change to the application.

First to market virtualizing server applications, AppZero holds 3 patents with more pending.

For more details on our products, please visit: appzero overview or watch: moving enterprise apps to and from clouds.