About AppZero

AppZero offers subscription-based software products and services that help customers automate the migration of applications from outdated servers to newer Windows Server operating systems.

AppZero brings simplicity and savings to your organization’s ongoing Windows server modernization efforts. AppZero’s software products and services bring an automated and intelligent approach to:

  • assessing and monitoring your server applications so you can build a migration strategy today and in the future;
  • migrating targeted applications to newer platforms in the cloud or to in-house datacenters, and
  • maintaining selected applications post-migration.

AppZero software provides a fast, flexible way to move server applications, without code change. Our software products create virtual application images rather than server or machine images. AppZero software encapsulates an application and its dependencies in a temporary container, with or without a virtual machine.

Time and resources are limited in your organization. Your skilled resources are too busy with strategic work and systems development to justify tying them up with manual processes and repetitive tasks. AppZero can help with automated tools that ensure efficiency and best use of your resources and budget. We believe that there isn’t a better way than programmed intelligence to migrate your applications. Hundreds of AppZero customers have moved thousands of bespoke and off the shelf applications to newer platforms. Every day, we help customers build internal centers of excellence for migration to plan for – and more importantly – achieve momentum and real results in the ongoing Windows application modernization challenge for Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2012 applications.

AppZero customers come from a range of industries, including corporate leaders in Banking, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Retail. AppZero is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and holds multiple container and virtualization patents with more pending. Helping customers achieve success in modernizing and migrating Windows Server applications is leading to rapid growth at AppZero and we look forward to even greater success going forward with an exciting road map of new product offerings and services.

"We have several legacy applications that cannot be upgraded as is and still living on Window 2003 servers. We had to find an immediate solution to keep these applications compliant for support purposes. AppZero was the only solution we could find. They have been quick to help us as we work through each application."

Tammy Key - Manager, Production Operations Support
American Cancer Society