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WS2003 is now out of support. If you are still running Windows Server 2003, you’re taking a big risk on the security of your entire operation.

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AppZero is the fastest and most flexible way to move enterprise server applications.

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Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Microsoft recommends AppZero for moving a variety of applications from WS2003 to newer operating systems.

Cloud Migration

Application Modernization

AppZero identifies, extracts, and moves enterprise Windows server applications to any server, in the datacenter or cloud.

Cloud On-Boarding

Application Modernization

AppZero SP (SaaS) simplifies moving your Windows Server applications to the AWS, SoftLayer and Azure Clouds.

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AppZero Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Cloud and datacenter migration innovator AppZero has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance Program.  AppZero is a fast, flexible way to move Windows Server applications from any source machine – physical or virtual – to any destination server, in any cloud or datacenter, using its patented container technology.AppZero’s container is also called a Virtual Application Appliance (VAA).


AppZero to On-board Windows Server 2003 Apps to Microsoft Azure with New Self-Service Web Portal

AppZero today announced availability of the AppZero Service Provider edition for Microsoft Azure (AppZero SP for Azure), a software-as-service (SaaS) portal for quickly moving Windows Server applications to Azure, including those running on Windows Server 2003, which reaches end of support today.  Those wishing to try the service can log in at azure.appzero.com and move their first five enterprise applications to Azure at no cost.


Deadline Day: Microsoft Partners Brace For Windows Server 2003 Security Fiasco

"Microsoft said last year this would be a $45 billion services opportunity, and we assumed that opportunity would come over the course of the last year," said Adine Deford, CMO and vice president of channel development at Andover, Mass.-based AppZero. "It's just been the tip of the iceberg. Most people since then still haven't upgraded."                          


Microsoft, Unisys, AppZero Form Govt Cloud Migration Support Alliance

AppZero has partnered with Microsoft and Unisys to help enterprise customers migrate their Windows Server 2003 applications into Microsoft-built cloud computing technologies.

The goal is to encourage Win2K3 government and commercial users to implement either a Windows Server 2012 R2 or an Azure platform as Microsoft plans end of support for the legacy operating system by July 4, AppZero said Tuesday.


Case Study: Business modernisation is music to the ears of Cochlear’s IT team

For over 30 years, Cochlear has been a pioneer in helping people hear and be heard. And although Australians are renowned for our innovative mindset, of all the inventions it is perhaps the hearing implant, developed by Cochlear, which has had one of the most significant impacts for the people around the world.

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Just Released: 2014 Windows Server 2003 End of Support Survey Results

Windows Server 2003 will hit End of Support on July 14, 2015. AppZero has undertook the second “State of Readiness for Windows Server 2003 End of Support” Survey in an effort to assess how serious this event is to enterprise IT pros. (registration required)

White Papers