AppZero is the fastest and most flexible way to move enterprise server applications.

Here's what AppZero can do:

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Microsoft recommends AppZero for moving a variety of applications from WS2003 to newer operating systems.

Cloud Migration

Application Modernization

AppZero identifies, extracts, and moves enterprise Windows server applications to any server, in the datacenter or cloud.

Cloud On-Boarding

Application Modernization

AppZero SP (SaaS) simplifies moving your Windows Server applications to the AWS and SoftLayer Clouds.

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AppZero to Preview SaaS Solution for Quickly and Efficiently Migrating Windows Server Applications to Azure Cloud

A Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for automatically migrating existing Windows applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud, including those reaching end of support with Windows Server 2003, will be previewed by AppZero at the Microsoft Ignite conference May 4-8 in Chicago, in booth #213.  


The 10 Most Shocking Things About Windows Server 2003 Expiration

So what’s the big deal if you’re running a machine with no patches? Well, as AppZero emphasizes, it’s just a terrible idea. Even though the operating system was released 12 years ago, there are still quite a number of patches that are regularly released. 


Just Released: 2014 Windows Server 2003 End of Support Survey Results

Windows Server 2003 will hit End of Support on July 14, 2015. AppZero has undertook the second “State of Readiness for Windows Server 2003 End of Support” Survey in an effort to assess how serious this event is to enterprise IT pros. (registration required)

White Papers

On-Demand Webinar:

"Lessons from a Windows Server 2003 remediation project at a Large Financial Services Organization."

You're likely aware that Win Server 2003 reaches the end of support this summer. Leading edge companies have started or are planning their migration projects now. Watch this webinar to hear some of the lessons learned during phase one of a migration/remediation project at a leading financial services organization. (registration required)


New Whitepaper: Migrating from WS2003 to Newer Operating Systems and the Cloud

If you're still running WS2003 -- and reports indicate an estimated 57% of organizations are -- it's likely that a number of factors, from legacy applications, security challenges or business disruption concerns, are preventing you from making the move. (Registration required)

White Papers

Cochlear Selects AppZero for Easy Migration of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Applications to Minimize Cybersecurity Risks

Cochlear Limited has selected AppZero for easy migration of its Microsoft Windows Server 2003 applications, a major priority for IT organizations before Microsoft ends support on July 14, 2015. AppZero software enables server application migration from old operating systems to new platforms or clouds and has been proven to be ten times faster, more reliable and efficient than alternative approaches.