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AppZero software migrates Windows applications to modern Windows servers. Move applications in hours, not months, upgrading as you go.

Drive momentum while optimizing resources and budget in your Windows Server modernization efforts with the AppZero migration tools.

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“As organizations move workloads to the cloud, they may not want to bring old infrastructure with them... We are excited that AppZero can help customers onboard applications onto Azure in a seamless way.”
- Chris Lwanga, Principal PM Manager, Enterprise Cloud, Microsoft.

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Automatically assess and monitor the applications running on your current Windows servers.



Automatically move applications to newer Windows Server operating systems.



Post-migration, automatically distribute, isolate, and recover selected applications.



At AppZero, we know a lot about Windows App migration because we've done a lot of migrations


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AppZero: It’s Not Just Application Modernization

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Automated vs. Manual Application Migration: AppZero Comparison Tests

Press Release

AppZero Announces AZ-Migrate 7.0 Provides Break-Through WS2016 Support

Press Release

AppZero AZ-Migrate Now Supports WS2016 and Windows Container Migrations

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