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Automate legacy app migration

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AppZero software automatically migrates Windows applications to a newer OS, to new inhouse servers or cloud environments. Windows Server modernization has never been easier.

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Move your apps in hours, not months, and even upgrade as you go. AppZero automated migration tools drive momentum and optimize resources and budget in your Windows Server modernization efforts.

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Automatically assess and monitor the applications running on your current Windows servers.



Automatically move applications to newer Windows Server operating systems.



Post-migration, automatically distribute, isolate, and recover selected applications.


Enough Already - It's Time to Modernize Your Windows Servers


We Are Under Cyber Attack


Procrastinating Can't Work Forever - Windows Server 2003 IIS Bug

White Paper

Automated vs. Manual Application Migration: AppZero Comparison Tests

Press Release

AppZero Announces AZ-Migrate 7.0 Provides Break-Through WS2016 Support

Press Release

AppZero AZ-Migrate Now Supports WS2016 and Windows Container Migrations

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