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Keep your applications current
as operating systems and infrastructure age

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AppZero’s products and services provide a fast, flexible way to move server applications to a cloud or datacenter, without code change.

Here's what AppZero can do:

Infrastructure Modernization

Application Modernization

Keep your applications current. Windows Server 2003 is unsupported and SQL 2005 will be soon, followed by WS2008.

Application Distribution 

Application Modernization

AppZero identifies, containerizes, and distributes Windows applications to servers, in the datacenter or cloud.

Cloud On-Boarding

Application Modernization

AppZero SP (SaaS) simplifies moving your Windows Server applications to the AWS, SoftLayer and Azure Clouds.

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AppZero Upgrade Accelerates Long-Distance Migration of Windows Server Applications

AppZero has launched a new version of its application migration tool that features an optional, high performance architecture that accelerates the migration of Windows Server applications over wide area or high latency network connections, typically found between geographically remote datacenters and public cloud onboarding projects. 


Automating Legacy Modernizations with Migration Containers

The relentless doubling of compute horsepower every 18 - 24 months known as Moore’s Law is one of the trends that has shaped the IT industry. Machine virtualization and cloud computing have combined to reduce the time it takes to create a new machine that harnesses the latest in computing power to nearly zero. 



What end of support for SQL Server 2005 means for CIOs

End-of-support is headache for CIOs, because it means replacing and/or upgrading hardware and software with minimal to no return on investment. IT departments tend to stall on the process to delay the inevitable of disruption, expense and replacement, but it has to be done. 




On-Demand Webinar: Planning a Successful SQL 2005 Modernization Project

As Windows Server 2003 modernization projects kick into high gear, the approaching end of support of MS SQL Server 2005 will drive another wave of modernization projects. Customers need to migrate and upgrade the huge SQL Server installed base to the latest SQL Server on Windows 2012 and, for some, move to Azure. Join Giovanni Boschi, CTO, and Joseph Wright, Senior Solutions Architect at AppZero as they discuss the SQL Server modernization opportunity.


AppZero Featured in CRN 2015 Cloud Partner Program Guide

AppZero announced today it has been recognized in the The Channel Company’s prominent CRN® 2015 Cloud Computing Partner Program Guide, a list of leading technology vendors with cloud-related partner programs that enable and accelerate the growth of solution providers' cloud initiatives.



Windows Server 2003 End of Support Survey Results

Windows Server 2003 will hit End of Support on July 14, 2015. AppZero has undertook the second “State of Readiness for Windows Server 2003 End of Support” Survey in an effort to assess how serious this event is to enterprise IT pros. (registration required)

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