Windows Server 2003 End of Support Looms


IT organizations must begin putting in place their migration plans now or risk major disruptions in 2015

Cloud Startup AppZero Launches Promo To Jump-Start Windows Server 2003 Migrations


As the Windows XP migration bonanza fades, cloud startup AppZero isn't wasting any time getting its partners revved up for the next big channel opportunity: Microsoft's ending of support for Windows Server 2003

The 10 Coolest Virtualization Startups Of 2014 (So Far)


AppZero makes it possible to move around Windows Server apps and everything connected to them by putting them into its "virtual application appliance" instead of a virtual machine.

HP, Microsoft Roll Out Partner Program To Capture Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life Upgrade Opportunity


With one year until Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Server 2003 support, HP is mounting a massive partner-led offensive with the software giant to upgrade a big chunk of the 11.7 million servers still running the 11-year-old operating system...

Start packing your bags for a Windows Server 2003 migration


Windows Server 2003 is due to reach the end of its life in July next year. Microsoft will no longer support the software, which means no further patches or security updates and a security risk and compliance headache for businesses.

Dell Announces Full Windows Server 2003 Migration Services at Dell User Forum


With extended support for Windows Server 2003 ending on July 14, 2015, Dell has found that many organizations are still either unaware of the coming end, or are struggling with legacy applications that still require the old architecture.

Server app migration tool soothes IT pro headaches


New server application migration tools and add-on management modules for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager will give IT pros some relief from the often painful migration process.

Upcoming Windows end-of-life deadlines we should be talking about


Upcoming Windows end-of-life deadlines we should be talking about.  Windows XP got all of the attention, but a few others are coming up on their deadlines...

Moore’s law gives way to Bezos’s law


The future of cloud computing is the availability of more computing power for much lower cost.  Cloud providers Google, AmazonWeb Services (AWS) and Microsoft are doing some spring-cleaning...

Pinup: AppZero Simplifies The Process Of Migrating


AppZero, a cloud computing startup offers services for moving applications across cloud or database servers. The company developed its own unique technology, to make the usually complex process of application migration simple.