Government of Canada Supports Innovative Technologies in Ottawa


Two Ottawa companies will accelerate the develo

Are you ready for the end of Windows Server 2003?


Microsoft is cutting off support for the popular OS in six months, so you need to start putting together a migration plan now.

Internal memo reveals plans to spur Windows app development


Trying to catch up with archrivals Apple and Android, Microsoft launches an initiative to lure new developers for its Windows, cloud and mobile platforms.

Windows Server 2003 migration window getting smaller


Organizations dragging their feet on server OS migration could be placing their data and customers at considerable risk In a little over seven months, Microsoft Corp. will be ending its support for the Windows Server 2003 operating system.

Considering Windows Server 2003 Migration Options


With roughly 200 days before 20 million-plus instances of WS 2003 face the EOL support deadline on July 14, SP's and their customers are going to have to make some hard decisions in the next 30 days.

Windows Server 2003 refresh 'most significant' this century


The cloud industry is poised to cash in on the most significant IT refresh opportunity this century, according to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).  

Three questions to ask before a Windows Server 2003 migration


With less than eight months to go before Windows Server 2003 end of life, IT needs to prepare and answer these essential questions.

Hot products from AWS: reInvent


AppZero for AWS is a hosted application migration tool for moving applications onto AWS. "Up-level" Windows Server 2003 applications onto the cloud, drastically reducing time/cost to move complex server applications.

Modernizing with Hybrid - Windows 2003 End of Life Upgrades


For many customers moving to the Cloud is the best strategy when presented with a compelling event to do so, with a timely example being how Microsoft are ending support for Windows 2003 on July 14th next year.

10 virtualisation products making data centres better


The 10 virtualization products listed here are all examples of vendors pushing the envelope with virtualisation in ways that make data centers more efficient and productive.