AppZero Cloud Migration Partner Program


  1. Managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud providers looking to accelerate movement of enterprise applications to their clouds, with decreased time to MRR
  2. System integrators (SIs) with cloud migration practices looking to slash labor costs from enterprise application migration engagements

AppZero migration:

AppZero migration automates the extraction and movement of server-side applications to any cloud or machine in a fraction of the time required by other approaches – and with no change to the application. AppZero is the only cloud-independent application extraction and cloud delivery automation in the market. (patent pending) .

Movement of complex Windows server applications from enterprise to any cloud can be reduced from days/weeks to minutes/hours, with no change to the application.


  • MSPs and cloud providers – work with AppZero to develop a go-to list of qualified application migration partners to accelerate the pace and quantity of application on-boarding, for faster time to MRR. You can also offer AppZero migration directly to your customers, creating a new revenue stream through a revenue share model with AppZero.
  • System Integrators (SIs)–work with AppZero and receive product discounts, a joint press release announcing partnership, joint promotion to customers and prospects, including joint webinars.  Become a recognized leader in application migration using AppZero to gain a competitive advantage that will win you more business.  

Tiered program elements include:

  • AppZero software and professional services to support migrations as needed 
  • dedicated support line 
  • training
  • volume-based tiered pricing  

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