AppZero ISV Accelerator Package

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Instantly deliver demos and PoCs to sell more software


AppZero will offer qualified ISVs a low cost, shared-risk package that includes :

1.) professional services to encapsulate an ISV application into a VAA (virtual application appliance),

2.) perpetual right to use that VAA to deliver demonstrations and proof of concepts (POC) to prospective clients, 

3.) support for one year,

4.) a provision to apply package costs to any follow-on  agreement .


Offering a low cost, fixed rate packaging of product and services, the Accelerator Package is designed to kick start an ISVs experience of instant provisioning of demos and POC.  We anticipate that software vendors will become attached to the positive impact of AppZero technology on their business model and the quantitative savings that we enable, leading to increased adoption.  However, there is no requirement to do so.  This package is a hybrid of license, professional services, and support to simultaneously deliver a POC and initial implementation, as well as provide training to technical support staff.

Requirements for ISV participation

ISVs interested in taking advantage of this offer will need to complete a brief qualification form.  We will make certain that there is a good match between the target application/ecosystem and our platform coverage/ capabilities.  If the fit is good, we will look for some baseline information about your business, products, customer demographics, and intended use. 

We will develop a mutually agreed upon implementation plan, including resources and timing for both parties.  And then, we’re partners, sticking to this plan, delivering as promised.   The reasoning is simple:  This high value offering requires the time and resource investment of both parties to be successful.

The cost is $4,995.


ISV Gets

ISV Gives

AppZero Gives

AppZero Gets

High value engagement

Qualification form

Right to use technology

Real world PoC

Low cost, no lock-in

Baseline description

Service to start one VAA

Increased adoption

Instant POCs + demos

Agreement and 2.8K

1 year support


Application mobility

Co-develop plan

Co-develop plan


Business flexibility

Performance to plan

Performance to plan



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